When it happened

Sunday, May 05, 2013

How we got engaged

       I aimed to propose to Heather on Orthodox Pascha in 2013, and I began to search for a ring and plan the proposal during Lent. I convinced Heather during Holy Week to plan on an early breakfast on Sunday, and we agreed to go downtown and eat before morning prayer. We break our abstinence from meat on Pascha, so the pretense was breakfast sausages. 

       I picked up Heather from her apartment Sunday morning, and we were both dressed for Easter.  I told her I had something to show her before the service. She warned me that we wouldn't have time for breakfast with unnecessary detours, but I insisted it was worthwhile. We drove in front of Point of Honor, which is an antebellum home with a good view of the riverfront and downtown. We admired the city for a moment and talked, and then I told her I had something for her. 

       In our first months of dating I learned that Heather is very fond of chocolate, and is very excited when I bring it to her. Thus, I made a ritual for giving her chocolate, and always told her to close her eyes and hold out her hands. So, there in front of Point of Honor, I told her to close her eyes. She grinned and asked, "Is it chocolate?" I answered, "What do you think?," and she closed her eyes. 

       When she opened her eyes, there I was on my knee with the ring in its box. I told her I loved her, and asked her to marry me. She said yes, and some folks on their porch on Cabell Street cheered and clapped for us. 

       Driving away, Heather was all activity and excitement, and prepared to call her parents (who knew the plans beforehand from me). The car smelled of the brussels sprouts I had cooked for the church Easter potluck. Heather remarked that I proposed on Cinco De Mayo, and she was pleased we shared a hispanic holiday. I reminded her that this would only confuse her Puerto Rican heritage with Mexico, and we laughed. Besides, Benito Juarez was no good. (Just my opinion...) It was the first time I had noticed it was Cinco De Mayo. It turned out, Heather was right, and we had no time for the breakfast. We went to morning prayer very happy, and announced our engagement at the church potluck with great fanfare and wine in every hand. 


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